Now its the NOT Big Bang theory and they’re about to switch a light on the dark universe to prove it


sciences[1]THE BIG BANG THEORY is not just big business, it’s fast becoming big show business. In fact the theory is already growing old and there can be little surprise that it is being increasingly challenged before we lose interest again. The latest contender in the debate could be called the Not Big Bang theory.

But is the debate scientific, philosophical, theological, or simply nihilist? Most of the protagonists seem unclear as to where they stand; indeed they often don’t seem to be aware that there are well defined boundaries inside which other debaters stand. Many nowadays go so far as to deny even those historically acceptable limitations of competence assumed to exist for different intellectual disciplines. Theologians were never thereby excluded from the study of chemistry, or physicists from reading up on Aristotle’s metaphysics. The point is that if they know what chemistry actually is and what it is not and stick to that, and recognise what is philosophy and abide by its tenets of, say,  logic then confusion is avoided.