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The mechanics of Church Schism and the sinister agenda to corrupt the morals of all the nations

It is an unwavering practice of all States which abrogate total control of their subjects (usually “in the name of the people”) to persecute the Catholic Church. There have been no exceptions. The reason is that Christianity places the burden of social organisation on the individual. Duties are more or less set above rights. Indeed a Christianised community requires minimal law making. This is the antithesis of State control. State control of a Socialist stamp is Fascism. State control under any of its preferred titles requires endless rules. The Blair government at its height rattled out a new law every four minutes. See Dr. Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism, ISBN 978-0-7679-1718-6): “….Stalin stumbled upon a brilliant tactic of simply labelling all inconvenient ideas and movements “fascist”. Socialists and progressives aligned with Moscow were called socialists or progressives, while socialists disloyal or opposed to Moscow were called fascists.” American Democrats who have moved away from Democracy (in the cause of Democracy, of course) describe Catholicism as being fascist. Enough said.

This evasive name calling politics is a very modern problem and is based on the idea that any stated belief in objective fact is authoritarian and therefore fascist. Dogma for the Left is the mark of fascism, or mindless authoritarianism. (An example of a dogma (and there are not many defined) is the teaching the Jesus rose from the dead. Another states that Jesus was man and God. Another declares that God is one but as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — the Trinity.)

But the Church is also smeared historically and the most virulent of accusations made against her persisted for over 400 years; the Protestant Reformation’s primary justification for its existence lies in the demonising of the Church from which it broke away.

Each new generation of Catholics, laity and leaders face the same confrontation with downright lies or exaggerations.  The dice seem to be loaded for her enemies outside or inside. Her timeless battle has been to preserve the facts of the Christian Faith as passed down from Jesus and His Apostles. Efforts to distort this deposit began actually in the times of the Apostles themselves.

Machinations towards the present Schism became noticeable in the 1960s, although from the mid-1920s various anti-Catholic pressure groups were placing activists into selected American seminaries. As described earlier, feminist and lesbian propagandists, homosexual lobbyists, and Moscow controlled “sleepers”* were all vying to place activists in clerical student houses. However, the deeply ingrained Faith of the Catholic and Protestant population of the States (as in the rest of the English speaking world at that time), sustained by a healthy supply flow and excellent spiritual formation of good pastors (thanks largely to the various excellent Catechisms which were strongly propagated in schools, and at the higher levels fidelity to Aquinas and the Fathers) blunted and frustrated the thrust of this early conspiracy.

But by the 60s an astonishingly successful lobby against the Catechism (originated by the sentimentalist Cardinal Roberts of Calcutta; “There’s not a word of love in it!”) led to its being excised from educational syllabuses world-wide until, eventually, it fell into general desuetude. It is an observed phenomenon that when Catholic authority diminishes non-Catholic churches are similarly reduced. The Faith of the flock was thus weakened and rendered vulnerable to direct attacks upon doctrine which were already being pushed from the highest levels of ecclesial influence. Pope Benedict’s main triumph was his skilful refutation of secularist historical criticism of holy writ which had infested Catholic universities and colleges, even in Rome. But massive damage had already been done to the authority of scripture. The relativist cherry picking of doctrines or the distorting of dogma had quickly trickled down to the general RC population. Mass attendance became a matter of personal choice. But by far the most pernicious effect among the faithful was the use of easy modern contraception. Many confessors fudged the seriousness of the problem by employing oblique advice dressed as casuistry. Pope Paul VI’s “Humanae Vitae, brilliant in itself, was little more than a plaster on fatal wound — given the advanced stage of the schism.

When the flock is so badly affected, the flow of young men and women into the religious life diminishes rapidly. Our shortage of priests today was no accident. The mystery is that, despite everything, fine young clerics are still being ordained; not nearly enough admittedly. Excuses were fabricated to close down, first, the junior seminaries which were unrivalled schools of spiritual excellence as well as the providers of solid education. Students with problematic issues could be identified and re-routed educationally. But the sound-bite, “it’s nasty to capture little boys for Christ!” seduced too many church leaders. Then the senior seminaries were closed. Cardinal Hume of England actually had candidates for the priesthood billeted in Chelsea B&Bs. Bed and Bawd as one wit suggested.

The Second Vatican council was coming to an end and the natural flux inevitable in such a dramatic re-appraisal of Church dynamics offered a perfect foil for the by now powerful anti-Magisterial factions.

Thus, from the seeds of academic arrogance and smug ecclesial disobedience dissension flourished. The schism was suddenly the Catholic norm in many parts of Europe, the sexual indecencies came in its wake. Families in the Netherlands reported that they had to drive miles on Sundays to find Churches where heresy wasn’t being taught from the pulpit. When Pope John Paul visited that country, fire brands were thrown at him by once loyal Catholic people.

Of course, various disparate influences and concatenations encouraged the proliferation of the scandal of schism until it covered the world as if to strangle the Faith and silence by human shame God’s voice in the Church. The scandal mongers were enabled by the schism and their favourite weapon of choice is the globally trumpeted lie that the Catholic Church is by its nature a hot bed of paedophilia (the sexual abuse of pre-pubescent infants).

A wide collaboration of anti-clerical groups poisoned the Church at every accessible level. Aggressively promoted homosexuality soon became the poison of choice. Among church leaders, innocence and naivety allowed much of this to pass unnoticed until it was too late. And a significant section of the leaders had no effective training about the obsessional nature of extreme perverse behaviour, or of drug addiction, or alcoholism. Indeed without thorough scientific information most were hopelessly vulnerable in the face of a virtual explosion of sexual licence; and of the resulting casualties among the innocent victims. “Cover –up” often meant (but not at all always) disgraceful incompetence.

Insidious social engineering strategies (mainly University led) designed to distort moral and cultural habits in target populations were carried out like the propagation of the weird pseudo-ethical Political Correctness “religion”. The Devil is the ape of God! And America’s ivy league establishments proved it. Another corrupting influence affecting Western peoples was the post-war propagation of the Moscow developed “sex politics” — designed (by a sinister espionage specialist named Straus … the creep responsible for recruiting traitors Burgess and MacLean et al from Cambridge University, England). The plot is to corrupt young minds in higher education. The same technique was first used to seduce and politically subvert little children the communists culled from the ruins of Germany’s war ravaged towns. Many of these kids were sent to Moscow to become the little “swallows” employed by Communist spies to entrap Stalin’s enemies in shocking sex acts. (Read tell Lotte I love Her now on Amazon Kindle pubs.)

Elaborate propaganda programmes based on mass marketing psychological strategies were initiated to habituate normal people to the idea that overt portrayal of sex acts in cinemas and theatres were natural and even laudable. Moral censure was ridiculed, foul language and blasphemy propagated until it seemed normal. It became impossible to find even a family film in which the holy name of Jesus was not used as a curse. The family, especially fathers were mercilessly debunked. Mothers? Well what kind of demon came up with the horrible imprecation “Mother-f*****”?  So universal is this monstrous Hollywood obscenity that it seems to have lodged itself subconsciously but indelibly in the memory cells of decent populations. These foul campaigns were enthusiastically supported by the world media hungry for novelty and shock news, and then found ostentatious support from exposure craving show-business celebrities. Eventually attention seeking politicians and other headline hungry nonentities were queuing up to expose their filthy proclivities to anybody willing to listen or publish.  All too soon the elegant Christian culture of the English speaking world had been smeared, sullied and hopelessly degraded. A university colleague considered himself a daring blade for using language in front of students which would have had a sailor’s parrot put down.

“Hollywood versus America” by Michael Medved is a salutary expose of the sinister agenda of some very powerful people controlling the cinema industry, especially their hatred of the Church.  Medved’s book actually put a brake on the blasphemous misuse of the name Jesus. Another excellent new wave Jewish writer is Dr. Jonah Goldberg. His quite superb studies, Liberal Fascism, and The Tyranny of the Cliches must, hopefully, be having some effect, at least to dispel that strand of the present persecutions caused by simple ignorance. Newt Gingrich has just published the true facts about America’s President Trump. It sets the record straight but in doing so will stagger fair minded readers about the awful power of the Left to smear its enemies by lies, exaggerations and innuendo. School kids who know as much about politics as my tatty cat shake with disgust at the President’s very name. But the house of Americans has been expertly divided against itself. Interesting to note; while Mr Trump has done nothing but good for the Catholic cause, his enemies are those who detest it. Obama did more than any other U.S. President to harm Catholic people and encourage every power available to him to persecute them; from law enforcement to administrative harassment, including selective taxation disadvantages.

The sheer scale of international malevolence has definitely blinded normally fair-minded people to the Church’s undeniable grace and beauty, to her works of heroic charity, her holiness, and her humanity. Thousands of missionary priests and nuns, like Mother Teresa of Calcutta give their entire lives to serving the poor and dispossessed. War torn oriental nations like Vietnam, Korea, and Burma owe the greater part of their recovery (including their national cultures) to Catholicism. There is no greater source of charity on this planet than the Catholic Church; greater than any single nation including the U.S.A. The cultural glories of this world, in art and music and architecture are hers as of a birth right; but more immediately the accusers miss what is all around them, that sweet Catholic atmosphere of toleration and its instinct to seek and offer universal love and respect. Catholics may by God’s command hate no man. Their creed is to love. Her missionaries and hospital founders proved that over the centuries. Love your neighbour as you would love yourself. Pardon enemies! Lift and heal the broken! Love the unlovable!

Nor may we lose sight of the fact that redemption is a fundamental duty of the Church. It is why Christ founded her! Note that most of the media outrage is expressed against “cover ups”. They expertly exploit the fine line between the silence of acquiescence and the silence of the confessional; a wide gap between the sense that a “sin half hidden is a sin half forgiven” and “the least leaked the better!” They find a genuine clerical crime and then smear the entire priesthood with it.

Catholics who know the truth about hell and the rage of Jesus Christ at those who would pervert His little ones experience the most intense repugnance of child abuse. Jesus said what God surely cannot say who is love and will not even annihilate the demons, but He said it and He is God: “It would be better if that man had never been born!” Simply put, nobody hates child abuse more than Catholic people.

There is a duty for those who proffer apologies (often to the mindless media) that they would also clarify the issues and identify the truly blameworthy. Sadly, the Christian flock could be more committed (this journalist included) but we are certainly not perverts nor are our priests. The exceptions are very small even if their crimes are very large.

One of the hidden side effects of the propaganda barrage, one that seems almost irrelevant in the greater perspective, has been the emergence of a disturbing dichotomy between the Catholic populations and their ecclesial leaders. This takes the form of a kind of disassociation, as if the one had become irrelevant to the other in the heat of controversy. It becomes poignantly obvious by the shock expressed by laymen when their clerical leaders make public apologies for sexual perversion in the Church in such a way as to include a small group of priestly perverts with the entire people and their local pastors. The immediate effect of such blanket apologies is to validate the very accusations however wild, however exaggerated, however false. Too many bishops seem utterly unaware of their first duty which is to protect the Faith of their flocks. It is as if the people didn’t exist for them, much as parents in a heated divorce ignore the damage being done to their children. A tragic dichotomy indeed! And it is rarely intentionally committed, Incidentally many ordinary people like, say, one’s elderly aunt Phoebe, cannot begin to imagine what these highly publicised sexual activities entail.

This clerical blanket apology culture may also be a means of avoiding direct engagement with the media packs and other virulent anti-Christian pressure groups. Self-respect remains a signal form of cowardice.

Meanwhile, so far as TV, radio and the newspapers were concerned nothing good could be expected of or said about Holy Church. No effort seemed to have been made by her critics to modify their rancour and limit exaggeration. The unpardonable John Humphries announced to the world from his high BBC pulpit: “The word priest and the word Paedophile are synonyms.”  The outrageous slander should have stopped birds in mid flight. But it passed off with no more ado than the doorman failing to salute John on his way out of the BBC H.Q. (I exaggerate of course, the doorman would probably be fired).

Imagine the public outrage had he spoken in such terms of Jewish Rabbis or Moslem clerics? As any honest journalist could inform him, paedophilia wasn’t even in the frame. The crime was ephebophilia, sexual attraction to youths. Come on John, you remember the sort of thing from your own sad schooldays!

But not a single Church leader complained so far as I am aware.

Who can blame some senior clerics for failing to make these things clear while caught up in the immediate tragedy of comforting genuine victims? But it would go a long way to plug the leakage from the congregations (which is now significant) if they would.

Some years back a respectable journal reported on the then nascent crisis in the Church which was exemplified by many bishops questioning the Magisterium’s authority over their own diocesan autonomy. The article was headlined: “The Perfidy of the Princes”. It was a fairly comprehensive criticism of widespread dissension and the part played by recalcitrant bishops. Vide, the German bishops today collectively defying a doctrine forbidding certain people from receiving Communion!

A re-awakening of the old Modernism heresy was reviving in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. Its enthusiasts were exploiting the flux (inevitable in such an upheaval) as a subterfuge from which to propagate their particular agendas as described earlier. For example, the Council was falsely reported to be providing justification for radical changes in practice and doctrine. Remember how long it took to bring parish based liturgical innovators under control, or the impoverished alternative liturgy pushed by the ICEL?

Another effect was the spread of latitudinarianism (moral relativism). Confessional queues had simply faded away; a relic of past times. Pelagianism is also at the centre of Modernism and it dilutes the sense of sin. Tabernacles were side-lined. Women with cloche hats invaded the sanctuary to rifle the holy of holies as if stacking the family cornflakes — as still they do. And so on.

But it was in the seminaries that the major attack was taking place; and in the U.K. it began with a movement under the aegis of Abbot Dom Christopher Butler (in all innocence perhaps) which began and spread from Benedictine Downside. Benedictine heresy is practically an oxymoron, incidentally. The full record of a series of symposia is published in a book edited by John Coulson of Downside school (Darton, Longman & Todd, 1964). Theology and the University.

The blurb expressed it all:

“Theology can chose; it can remain dead and neglected or take the pressure of the times and live; but if it chooses life it has need of three things: a university setting, lay participation and the ecumenical dialogue. These are the conclusions to which, by a convergence of witness, the contributors to this symposium arrived.”

The contributors, needless to say, were of the glittering academic ascendancy and ecclesiastical celebrity and influence. I mean, Dom Butler for heaven’s sake! But some of us noted that the Rev. Martin Luther had suggested the very same thing in preference to the Church of Rome at the Reformation. It’s a University problem, a matter of logic and philosophy — St. Paul notwithstanding who preached Christ crucified and deplored logic and philosophy as the key to Scriptures.

Back then in those heady “sixties” when we let it all hang out, a posh BBC lady (chuckling conspiratorially) informed we listeners that when breakfast was brought up to a famous conductor at whatever great house he was a guest the maid wouldn’t be surprised to see the curly head of a choirboy alongside him on the pillow.” All such tolerant fun, don’t y’know! How effortlessly has the board of the BBC forgotten its direct encouraging of child abuse. They can’t blame Jimmy Saville for that!

The cosy if shady vignette confided by the BBC matron was not a shocking “one off”. The well documented mood of the times describes a culture in waiting for a full blown celebration of sexual perversion. Today few journalists have the courage to use Queen’s English to describe that reality. Twisted law-making, gleefully accommodated by the majority of high court judges, includes “hate crimes”. No! They are not about vicious revenge murders or Orange Order assaults on little school children in Ulster with pipe bombs, not gangland “hits” or anything of that kind. Hate crime as it functions in our courts effectively means any negative questioning of homosexual activity. In fact journalists have been warned not to refer to buggery as a perversion. So entrenched is this quasi-legal threat to common sense that the compilers of psychology’s scientific bench mark, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, were manipulated to remove or trivialise serious mental and emotional diagnoses referring to sexual abnormalities. The insertion of behavioural poison has affected the secular world as well as the Church. De natura, one is composed of the other. What affects the one affects the other. In keeping with the spirit of the age recruits for the priesthood were being deselected should they evince any sort of discomfort with the aggressively recruited homosexuals among them. A terrifying book reporting all of this was published in the 70s.

But there is always in any catastrophe collateral effects. Many perfectly suitable young men, appalled by the idea of homosexuality, were turned away or walked off. A significant loss to the Church of what might have been a significant body of holy priests! I have a personal stake in that. Of those who could stomach the entry hurdle there had to be men for whom compromise was all too easy. Both these and the perverts rose quickly in a system that actively discouraged normality and in a few years even bishops were being raised from such strange harvest fields. The first instinct of the insecure (as abnormality perforce is) is to keep anybody who might be a threat at arm’s length and advance those of a similar bent to the incumbent. The speed by which such sinister phenomena proliferate is quite startling. It is no surprise if perverts are being protected from the very summit of our hierarchy! Nor does it surprise this old journalist that this immoral association could become an alternative power centre capable of threatening or manipulating the entire Magisterium. Normally instinctively loyal Catholics began to wonder if  Pope Francis might have been influenced by such sinister forces to cover up, nay to re-establish an outlawed Cardinal, convicted earlier by Church enquiries of homosexual violation of seminary students?

We must ask if the above assessment is a fair and balanced record of an exploited scandal hiding the real objective of the scandal mongers?

Do  those who denounce the Church genuinely believe she is an immediate threat to infants, hell bent upon abusing them sexually, especially by the priests of the parish? Do they really care for children or just hate the Church? If they care for children are they blind to nine million babes killed in the British abortion factories alone? Or are they unaware that 50 to 60 million little lives have been sacrificed to the god of Rights in the United States of American mothers (or not mothers now)? Is there no child abuse among the various non-Catholic churches, Anglican, or low brow Protestant. No sin in the Sultanates, Synagogues, or Moslem temple schools? Surely there must be a case for saving the children outwith the Catholic fold. Perhaps every teacher who is not a Catholic is perforce a saint! And what about the vast field of children’s public education? There are no pederasts therein? Is Eton no longer the ancient fount of what the continentals call the English disease? Where have all the fags gone?

Surely it is only fair that the great and not ignoble call to deliver childhood from sexual sin must apply not only to the Catholic Church and her priests, but also to every great organisation and its teachers or wardens. Anything else is stark hypocrisy.

The Protestant rebellion was of politics and unbridled greed, the revolt of the powerful against the common man. The Church was the war zone but not the cause, and Luther and Calvin mere puppets in that secular power game. Greed took out much of the old flock but it was mainly an outside revolt. This, today, is betrayal by the shepherds, and its depravity of choice is that sin from which the very demons flee (if Catherine of Sienna is to be believed).

Great emergencies can galvanise people to confront danger no matter how monstrous. Such instinctive calling up of survival resources, probably hard-wired in humanity, most often than not delivers victory. Hopefully as the dust cloud of obfuscation and deliberate bigotry clears, the wisest of the race will recognise the desperate call to arms, and both in the spiritual and secular realms the present anti-human rebellion will be put down and we can all find peace, before we rest in peace.

I could write another article on the new diseases that have poured into the populations behind Aids and on the fear in families for their near adult children drawn by custom to the sickest places of stunning noise, drugs, and sensuality; places where homosexuality is considered not only normal but a preferred attainment, an even greater cachet than the loss of a maiden’s virginity in a dark alley. But the least said the better! Verb sap.


  • Sleepers; agents placed in organisations and trained to blend in with their norms until in a position to influence them adversely.

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